"I have a passion for taking a young girl and developing her into the most technically and fundamentally sound player possible. I want my girls to know that to be the best takes sacrifice, hard work, a strong work ethic, sweat and tears, and most importantly you have to love what you do. It is also extremely important that my girls have good support from their family as I was so fortunate to have in my career. I love creating new drills for my girls as well as pushing my own teaching boundaries."

- Olympic Gold Medalist Jenny Topping

Winning is not a sometimes things; it's an all the time thing.  You don't just win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while.  You do things right all of the time. 

Winning is a habit.  Unfortunately, so is losing.

- Vince Lombardi

“This isn’t just about winning a tournament or two every summer, this is about WINNING AT LIFE.  Each and every girl deserves to be helped and taught how to achieve their full potential as softball players and live out their dreams.  Every team should be focusing on building the athlete’s skills and knowledge of the game so they can compete for college scholarships.  For them to get a college education and a chance to play at the elite level, AND for them to be overall great human beings, would mean that we have completed our goals.”
-Jenni Holtz
All American Sports Academy Pitching Instructor,

Mercer University and Tracy High’s

All Time Winningest Pitcher and Strikeout Leader

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Debbie Nelson and the All American Sports Academy

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Our Mission:
Build Great Softball Players. Period.

Everything we say, everything we do, every event, and every practice must adhere to that goal.  It is our intention and very serious singular focus to help the girls on these teams expand their softball knowledge, their individual skills, their team skills, and in short become great players.  You can not build great players without competition just as you can not expect competition to build great players on it’s own.  Competition is like the test in school after the lesson.  You need the lessons to do well at the test.  To many travel teams seem a bit heavy on tests and not enough lessons.  All to often the senior travel teams hear from college coaches “we are getting great athletes but we need more game knowledge”.   

By bringing more game knowledge and team based training integrated into a complete team format we are going to develop great players faster and more completely than the traditional travel team format.  The integration of individual and team training is not usually something a player experiences until they are in college.  If this integration works at the highest level of play, why not bring it to younger players?

Olympic Gold Medalist Jenny Topping

Joins the All American Sports Academy

Future Stars Organization

Play Like An Olympian Because You Are Trained By An Olympian!

The AASA Future Stars organization is proud to announce that Olympian Jenny Topping is joining the organization in the position of regional director. “We are fully committed to bringing our players the best possible trainers, coaches, and role models.” said Debbie Nelson, nationally recognized softball coach, former Division 1 college coach, and owner of Northern California’s premier softball training academy. 

“Partnering with Jenny, one of the best who has ever played the game, is an honor and a privilege. Jenny Topping has played with and against the best in the world and she always comes up a winner. Having Jenny work hands on with our players and teams to show our young ladies her passion for excellent softball will be off the charts exciting.”

“Throughout Northern California everyone knows the positive impact Debbie Nelson brings to the sport of softball. Debbie’s reputation for excellence is amazing. The Future Stars complete dedication to the game is obvious and their commitment to creating great softball players is second to none. I am joining them because I believe in what they are doing, they believe in me, and, just like about everyone else in this game, I believe in Debbie Nelson. I can tell that the Future Stars has the same strong passion for excellent softball that I feel. Together we are going to do the hard work to build outstanding winners.” said Olympic Gold Medalist Jenny Topping.

“Jenny Topping has a softball resume’ that only a handful of elite players can match.” said administrative director Peter Holtz. “Four time NCAA All American, one of six players in the entire history of NCAA softball to bat over .400, drive in 200 runs, and hit at least 50 home runs. She has NCAA All time top 10 season records for home runs, RBI’s, and slugging percentage. She is a Women's College World Series finalist. She is a member of “The Real Dream Team” that appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated and outscored its’ opponents in the 2004 Olympic games 51-1 on an unbeaten run to the Olympic Gold Medal podium. She has been inducted into the Olympic Hall of Fame. She has also been a National Pro Fast pitch player and All Star.” Holtz added: “This softball superstar will be sharing the field with our teams and training our players to become the best of the best.”

“Just back from playing in Japan, Jenny has already started to build a strong reputation as a coach and mentor to young players. We are going to supercharge those impressive skills with the exceptional team effort we build in Future Stars. This is going to be an awesome team of the best expert coaches in softball.” Nelson said.

The All American Sports Academy Future Stars organization is committed to building softball stars by combining the best training, the best coaching, and the best sports character development into a competitive travel ball organization. We believe in professional head coaches who have played college softball and have lived the journey our young players want to take. These positive role models know every detail of the sport and they have done what it takes to reach the pinnacle of the sport. Layering on top of this is a team of Coaches for the Coaches, the directors who design the curriculum, set practice plans, and supervise private and semi-private, and group lessons. In addition, the directors review the player stats and provide advice and consultation to players and coaches alike. Together this coaching team forms a brain trust that builds continual improvement within our organization. IT IS OUR PEOPLE THAT MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!

I discovered early on that the player who learned the fundamentals of basketball is going to have a much better chance of succeeding and rising through the levels of competition than the player who was content to do things his own way. A player should be interested in learning why things are done a certain way. The reasons behind the teaching often go a long way to helping develop the skill.

- John Wooden

AASA Future Stars

Announcing Olympian Jenny Topping

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